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Overnight stays are very popular because they provide peace of mind for pet owners. It's nice to know your pet is in the comfort of their own home, with someone you trust. My clients love the regular, daily updates on how their pet is doing and the pets love the extra TLC! 


Drop-In's are great for puppies still in training, the overly energetic dog that is always full speed ahead when you get home or that dog that's just "gotta go" every few hours. And don't forget about the kitty cats! Just because they don't need to go outside, doesn't mean they don't get bored or wonder when we are coming home. 30 minute drop-in's are great if you are going to have an extra long day at work. They love a little play time and some TLC in the middle of the day. 


Maybe your pup just needs to stretch those legs during the day while you are away. Walks are the perfect cure for those dogs that need a little extra exercise. If your pup lives for their walks, this is a great service for you! There's no shame in getting a little help with your energetic ball of fur! Come home to less mess, less damage and less energy! If you are in the middle of puppy stages, walks are a great way to burn energy and also, help with your potty training.

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Prices can vary per client depending on the temperament of the animal and time desired.


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